How to clean your projection screen.

The different projection cloths are characterized by an embossed surface, which is a feature to consider against environmental pollution from both inside and outside, like dust and smoke. In fact, this peculiarity makes it difficult to perfectly clean it. 

Therefore it is useful to dust the screen with a soft dry microfiber cloth. After this operation, it can be cleaned with a white soft duster moistened with a neutral detergent and water being very gentle cleaning the cloth. Then, rinse the projection cloth with a white soft duster moistened with water only and, at the end, dry the surface carefully. 

If there is a stain on the screen, proceed immediately, if possible, cleaning as described before, taking care not to insist too much to avoid permanent damages to the cloth. 

Projection surfaces are very delicate and, usually, any kind of stain is inerasable. 

As concerns the OYSTER surface, we advise to dust it with a white soft cloth only. Be very gentle as this surface is particularly delicate.

Do not use commercial cleaners, alcohol, solvents or sharp tools.