It is an innovative motor equipped with an INTEGRATED BATTERY

Wireless motor by Screenint: the smart solution also for outdoor use.

In the many cases where there is a need to position a screen without an electrical connection, Screenint has found the ideal solution. It is an innovative motor equipped with an INTEGRATED BATTERY, useful also for outdoor use, taking care of installing it in a suitable location protected from rain and wind.

This motor has an integrated battery that allows up to 300 movements within a maximum time frame of 6 months, when fully charged.

The battery-powered motor can be combined with the following screens up to 400 cm in width: COMPACT, ELLIPSE, MAJOR, TIZIANO, and GIOTTO models. The screen will be controlled via a radio frequency remote control, provided with the product, and comes with a fast charger that has to be plugged directly to a connector inside the housing.

You will appreciate not only the practical and freedom of use of the Screenint wireless motor, but also its silent movement with soft start and stop function. In short, a high-quality product that is essential when there is no power supply or when, for aesthetic reasons, you do not want to see the power cable.

Screenint is available to provide you with multiple solutions. Contact our staff for further information on this product and all our proposals.