UST SLIDING DRAWER: Short throw projector mount, a functional and aesthetic solution for Home Cinema.

An interesting innovation for the Home Cinema industry, which also received excellent feedback at the last #ISE2023 event, is undoubtedly the UST SLIDING DRAWER short throw projector mount, model SL-6050.

The system has been designed specifically for situations where the projector (due to limited space) needs to be placed on a support very close to the screen and on a small surface.

Our UST SLIDING DRAWER can be easily manually opened, allowing the projector to reach the optimal position for video projection, up to a maximum extension of 40 cm. At the end of its use, the mount closes completely with a light pressure; in this way, the installation is aesthetically minimal, benefiting the final aesthetic result.

UST SLIDING DRAWER model SL-6050 supports projectors up to 12 kg in weight with a maximum size of 600×500 mm (WxD). Its height is only 70 mm. Inside, it is equipped with a cable chain and a special compartment for the projector remote control.

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