UST LIGHT REJECTION, the new frontier of UST projection. Perfect images also in bright environments!

ScreenInt enthusiastically showcases an unprecedented projection surface: UST LIGHT REJECTION. This optical cloth, which is developed specifically for UST projectors, offers an excellent  ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) feature, assuring excellent contrast, color saturation and brightness even in particularly bright environments.

You will find a live demo at ISE 2024 from 30th January till 2nd FebruaryBOOTH 3R710!

Main features:
• Advanced ALR: its special structure features a light-blocking layer together with a reflective layer for bright and high black-level images.
• Specific developed for UST projectors.
• Contrast and vivid colours: Gain 0.65, viewing angle 140° for a superior and immersive experience.
• Excellent Performance: ALR ratio 88%, Contrast Ratio 18:1.

More details:
• Multi-Layer TPU Silver Grey 
• Visual Comfort: Extremely uniform, bright and contrasted images, that ensure  high visual comfort even in environments with marked ambient light influence.

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