Nowadays the sustainability has become a priority for many companies that wish to reduce their environmental impact, becoming more virtuous and efficient. We at ScreenInt believed and invested in these objectives starting from 2009, focusing on the use of renewable energy sources.

We have started a significant intervention on our production plant which saw the installation of photovoltaic panels on the entire roof of the premises. This allows us to be self-sufficient thanks to the energy produced by our photovoltaic system  (around 63 kilowatts) which powers both the production facilities and the offices of our headquarters.

But this is not everything!

Within all departments, we are organized so that company production waste of paper, plastic, metals and PVC is collected separately to be totally recycled. This responsible waste management is one of the practices we are adopting thanks to the collaboration of our employees. For 2024, we aim to further reduce the use of energy, plastic and non-recyclable materials.