All ScreenInt products have a 2 years’ warranty, but the motorized ones have an additional valuable warranty of 5 years on the motor.

In order to keep functioning and assure a long life to our products, maintenance is essential. So, how can we take good care of projection screens? 

How to prevent the most frequent damages:

CLEANING: The first element to prevent damages is cleaning.

Before rolling up the screen, always check that there are no insects or debris on the surface. The projection surfaces are PVC based and, therefore, they are electrostatic and attract dust particles, insects and other particles. If these lay on the embossed surface, they could remain on it causing marks and stains, once the cloth is rolled back inside the housing.

CHECKING: Every 6 months, it is good practice to check screws and plugs of the fixing brackets to the wall or ceiling and to the housing, verifying the integrity and perfect tightening of screws and plugs of the fixing brackets.

Should maintenance be necessary, we advise you to contact the dealer you have purchased the product from. You will be sure that your screen will be handled and repaired by ScreenInt team, who perfectly knows its products and the best procedure to solve the problem.